Friday, July 17, 2009

ahhh ok...i'm 40 today.

going to check my birth certificate just to make sure this is true. ;-)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Myles is my blessing. Getting to share my love for the bike with him has been one of the most amazing experiences of parenting so far :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I love(d) my Jetta TDI until I met a bad day with my camshafts..

Trust in your car maker?? Hmmmm. That's going to be a tough thing for me to do from now on. My car needs camshafts at 73k and it is one hell of a costly repair. The service manager at the dealer suggested I seek financial assistance from Volkswagon because he felt the part had worn out prematurely. To use his words exactly ..."never seen camshafts wear out this early before, they shouldn't"...

Well VW turned down my request.

Alot of internet research tells me this is an ongoing problem with these seemingly great cars, but even though I now understand better just what the heck was going on and why the part has failed (by the way....i did every thing right with the oil so it wasn't that!), this is not an easy pill to swallow. I'll be lucky if I can get the repair done for $2k and i just spent $1100 to get the EGR valves fixed. Here we go, into the money pit.......... :(

btw-- i know its all twitter and facebook these days but i sure hope this blogpost helps anyone who has the same problem as me thats doing a google search! here is a little reference for you in case you are reading and you want more proof.