Tuesday, February 27, 2007


rainy days in norcal make me dream about sunny days in bermuda.
don`t get me wrong, i absolutely love where i live, but i`m beginning to believe that someday i will live where i can sport flip-flops for at least ten months out of the year.......maybe eleven.


That was a record.
22 hours total time in the car between Friday and Monday....whew!

So...about the race-- Santa Clarita:
I don`t usually consider driving seven hours for my first race of the year, especially so close to having recently been sick(!) -but I wanted to show my support for the organizers of The Santa Clarita race, as well as get the opportunity to race a pre-season event with new teammates. Honestly, the legs felt better than I expected, and the recovery time from any race surges was pretty short. I definitely botched up any chance I had for a good finish....but it was really good to get the cobwebs out before the season starts! It was also great to see how well Lassaso and Kroepschy were riding.
As far as results go...Brooke Miller won it -- and both Brooke and Kelly Benjamin look to be having good early season sprint form. As for me, I think I finished a whopping 10th place....really a horrible finish for me, but I`m giving myself a little bit of extra time to come into form since I got sick at training camp. Can`t really remember the last time I got sick, and I just want to make sure that I am 100% before I start really ramping it up. So with all that said.... I don`t really have any complaints about the weekend. Lara and I went for a great training ride together on Sunday and then joined in with Tour of California post race fun.

All in all -- a great weekend. See you in Merced.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

People Watching at The Tour of California

Mike Tamayo

Props to Mike Tamayo for being one cool guy --always taking a moment to give a plug for the women.
Look at this quote of Mike`s from his Team HealthNet profile:
When asked--
Coming from the Victory Brewing Women's program, what differences do you see between a women's and men's program, other than the obvious?
He says--
"Well there are little things like; the races for men are generally longer, men's programs get more media coverage, etc, etc. To be honest though, both are equally hungry to succeed; an athlete at this level is very similar, male or female".

Nice one Mike.....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And the Tour comes through...

So the buzz around here all weekend was about the Tour of California coming through Santa Rosa. Just so happens that we had a start and a finish right here in town. It was pretty awesome having the race here despite the crash in the finishing circuit. Not too many smiling faces around the motorhomes, vans and team cars post stage ---but by the next morning the crash was a thing of the past. Seeing as how my house is right on the circuit, and is on the same street where the stage finished, we were pretty much smack dab in the middle of the whole event! Have to say that about fifty people must have asked me if i was racing during the weeks before the race started. So many people had no idea this was a men`s only race. It`s very hard to be a spectator sometimes, but our day is coming.....

Anyway..here`s a little pictorial for you:

Sausalito/Santa Rosa Day--
Home sweet home. Car sweet car. Myles sweet Myles.

A view of the course from the street in front of my house (look closely down the way and you can see the finish line).

A young fan named Sam (my good friends Melanie and Coby`s baby) hanging out with Myles before the race comes through


Went for a ride with Mr. Rodriguez -and company- in the morning while the race was coming up the coast.

David, being the cutting edge guy that he is, made a new fashion statement in cycling footwear.....

Before the riders arrrived --Janis was all smiles getting things ready for the guys.

Dave Towle..... doing his thing on the big stage.

David giving a bird`s eye view of the finishing line to a young spectator.

The crowds were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the peloton...

A picture of the big screen. I think this is one lap before the crash --

Santa Rosa/Sacramento Day --
Lauren and I were hanging around the start, giving out Lipton Tea samples and signing autographs. After we handed out all of our samples, I made my way over to the start line and found that I had an excellent spot for some picture taking.....:)

Here`s Mr. Popularity looking sharp

Up close and pesonal with the big dogs before the start.

Get a load of Mr. Hincapie, showing some respect to the singer of the national anthem. That was pretty sweet.

And then they were off.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday --the typical TGIF

We had the warmest winter day ever today and I couldn`t have been happier out on the bike. Laura and Ryan were laughing at me in my thermal jacket, especially since Ryan was sporting bare legs on our ride---but I just wanted to be hot.....and I didn`t care if I looked like a total dufus with all of my warm stuff on. It felt great!
After the ride, I went off and taught a yoga class at one of the health clubs in town. It was my last class there for the season. Time to change channels. I always feel a little strange saying good-bye to people that I`ve worked with, as I usually beome quite attached to my students. It happens every year when it`s time to start the season. This particular group was really into having me there to teach, and they were not very happy to see me go --even if they were supportive of my endeavors. That`s just the way it works here in my world....it`s always revolving.
Anyway....so I had to stop by the bike shop this afternoon and who would have guessed --Greg Lemond was there. I was introduced to him and we proceeded to have a most enjoyable, and somewhat lengthy conversation. He is REALLY a nice guy. He was there with his two sons, just being a good Dad and a friendly man. I like that. It was a good day. Now I am home for the evening, and loving the fact that I have nothing to do. Finally I can finish unpacking my bags from training camp --- one week after getting home! Lauren and I are taking it up over the Geysers tomorrow. Yup it`s gonna be nice......Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

If someone told me a year ago...

that not only would I teach a 6am Spin Class twice a week, but that I would also crave doing them ---I would have called them crazy. But it`s true, I get totally pumped for Tuesday and Thursday mornings! Today I woke up before my 5am alarm, just because I was excited to create a new playlist for class. Never would have thought --- plus...talk about working up an appetite!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


As usual, I came home to a whirlwind life.
Honestly, sometimes being away is the easy part. It`s coming home to a twelve inch stack of mail to open, fifty million phone calls and plans to make, volunteer commitments, clients and classes, eating, sleeping and the usual laundry/housework that can be overwhelming! Thank goodness I came home to a smiling face --Myles is the best. Yoisten and Ryan are here now, too and Chrissy is buzzing about town. It`s nice. I know Kirsten is here, and Lauren comes soon, and some of my new teammates will be here within a few weeks. So it`s all good ---after a few good nights of rest, I`m beginning to feel like I have my two feet back on the ground.....except for the paying the bills part. That stack of mail has just got to get smaller!!!!!
Also...I have to say that I am ever appreciating having my health back. Feeling like I was kicked into the gutter up there in Albuquerque was NO FUN at all --Please no more freezing temps and altitude for this little miss........

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thomas and Benny

These two guys are putting in loads of effort for our team. Thanks you two!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

TEAm Lipton Presentation Day

Our team presentation day was a great success. We had a beautiful, sunny day for the "community ride", and a fabulous crowd for the team presentation. The folks who came for the presentation (and there were hundreds of them!) were so thrilled to have us there, that it just gave me goose bumps! All of the applause and smiles and the line for our autographs --it was quite overwhelming! The Albuquerque community is full of cycling enthusiasts, but I have to tell you --we found out that some people traveled in from out of state to attend the presentation. It was really awesome...that`s all I can say....words will never do it justice.

On our way to a group ride with TEAm Lipton, The Navigators, The Cycling Center, and about a hundred community folks the morning of our team presentation.

The Cycling Center Guys

Lauren and Meredith, arriving in Smith Style...

Kori and Nicole in the new V-Ti Smith Optics

Yours truly, loving the Smith Stunners

A view of the crew

The one and only Mr. Beamon

A colorful atmosphere.....

Some of the guys from the Blue Squad

TEAm Lipton Ladies just before the presentation

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Racin' the train....

...this was probably the coldest day EVER out on the bike. Seriously. You have no idea how many layers we were wearing on that day. And just my luck...I`m under the weather now. I am really scaring people with the crackling cough that I have. Can`t remember the last time that I got sick, but I should be alright in a couple of days. No more racing trains up here at 5000 feet. My lungs just aren't having it! I used to call myself a "fair-weather" rider, but from now on it`s "sea-level" rider.... i`ll take rain and snow anyday over the lung pain from altitude......yup.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Can you even imagine what was going on here?

Hilton with a plate of burgers.

And Casey with his camera. You figure it out.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Perks of the trade

After a crisp day out on the bike, TEAm Lipton and Navigators enjoyed an afternoon and evening at TheTamaya Resort and Spa. The pictures tell it all. Oh...we had "His" and "Her" spas, in case you were wondering.....

..although this may look like an offering to the gods, we were actually enjoying some tea and granola provided by the spa. of course, they also brought us sodas and chocolate .... wonder how they knew!

check out the sweet robes -- one size does not necessarily fit all --but who who could ever complain

...........and a little hot tub time (well sauna and steam room too).

too bad it was so cold because there were three swimming pools for us to choose from out there!

view from the dinner table after the spa experience.

amazing views after sunset

full moon rising