Friday, February 02, 2007

Perks of the trade

After a crisp day out on the bike, TEAm Lipton and Navigators enjoyed an afternoon and evening at TheTamaya Resort and Spa. The pictures tell it all. Oh...we had "His" and "Her" spas, in case you were wondering.....

..although this may look like an offering to the gods, we were actually enjoying some tea and granola provided by the spa. of course, they also brought us sodas and chocolate .... wonder how they knew!

check out the sweet robes -- one size does not necessarily fit all --but who who could ever complain

...........and a little hot tub time (well sauna and steam room too).

too bad it was so cold because there were three swimming pools for us to choose from out there!

view from the dinner table after the spa experience.

amazing views after sunset

full moon rising

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