Wednesday, February 14, 2007


As usual, I came home to a whirlwind life.
Honestly, sometimes being away is the easy part. It`s coming home to a twelve inch stack of mail to open, fifty million phone calls and plans to make, volunteer commitments, clients and classes, eating, sleeping and the usual laundry/housework that can be overwhelming! Thank goodness I came home to a smiling face --Myles is the best. Yoisten and Ryan are here now, too and Chrissy is buzzing about town. It`s nice. I know Kirsten is here, and Lauren comes soon, and some of my new teammates will be here within a few weeks. So it`s all good ---after a few good nights of rest, I`m beginning to feel like I have my two feet back on the ground.....except for the paying the bills part. That stack of mail has just got to get smaller!!!!!
Also...I have to say that I am ever appreciating having my health back. Feeling like I was kicked into the gutter up there in Albuquerque was NO FUN at all --Please no more freezing temps and altitude for this little miss........


Andy said...

Toughen up soldier! Say Hi to Yoisten. Glad to see everthing is good. Best of luck in the new season. Say Hi to Lauren also.

Ian said...

You guys have it easy over there in cali, think of us poor souls in the UK. It has been below zero (centrigrade) quite a few times already. At least my racing doens't get serious until May.