Tuesday, February 27, 2007


That was a record.
22 hours total time in the car between Friday and Monday....whew!

So...about the race-- Santa Clarita:
I don`t usually consider driving seven hours for my first race of the year, especially so close to having recently been sick(!) -but I wanted to show my support for the organizers of The Santa Clarita race, as well as get the opportunity to race a pre-season event with new teammates. Honestly, the legs felt better than I expected, and the recovery time from any race surges was pretty short. I definitely botched up any chance I had for a good finish....but it was really good to get the cobwebs out before the season starts! It was also great to see how well Lassaso and Kroepschy were riding.
As far as results go...Brooke Miller won it -- and both Brooke and Kelly Benjamin look to be having good early season sprint form. As for me, I think I finished a whopping 10th place....really a horrible finish for me, but I`m giving myself a little bit of extra time to come into form since I got sick at training camp. Can`t really remember the last time I got sick, and I just want to make sure that I am 100% before I start really ramping it up. So with all that said.... I don`t really have any complaints about the weekend. Lara and I went for a great training ride together on Sunday and then joined in with Tour of California post race fun.

All in all -- a great weekend. See you in Merced.

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