Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And the Tour comes through...

So the buzz around here all weekend was about the Tour of California coming through Santa Rosa. Just so happens that we had a start and a finish right here in town. It was pretty awesome having the race here despite the crash in the finishing circuit. Not too many smiling faces around the motorhomes, vans and team cars post stage ---but by the next morning the crash was a thing of the past. Seeing as how my house is right on the circuit, and is on the same street where the stage finished, we were pretty much smack dab in the middle of the whole event! Have to say that about fifty people must have asked me if i was racing during the weeks before the race started. So many people had no idea this was a men`s only race. It`s very hard to be a spectator sometimes, but our day is coming.....`s a little pictorial for you:

Sausalito/Santa Rosa Day--
Home sweet home. Car sweet car. Myles sweet Myles.

A view of the course from the street in front of my house (look closely down the way and you can see the finish line).

A young fan named Sam (my good friends Melanie and Coby`s baby) hanging out with Myles before the race comes through


Went for a ride with Mr. Rodriguez -and company- in the morning while the race was coming up the coast.

David, being the cutting edge guy that he is, made a new fashion statement in cycling footwear.....

Before the riders arrrived --Janis was all smiles getting things ready for the guys.

Dave Towle..... doing his thing on the big stage.

David giving a bird`s eye view of the finishing line to a young spectator.

The crowds were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the peloton...

A picture of the big screen. I think this is one lap before the crash --

Santa Rosa/Sacramento Day --
Lauren and I were hanging around the start, giving out Lipton Tea samples and signing autographs. After we handed out all of our samples, I made my way over to the start line and found that I had an excellent spot for some picture taking.....:)

Here`s Mr. Popularity looking sharp

Up close and pesonal with the big dogs before the start.

Get a load of Mr. Hincapie, showing some respect to the singer of the national anthem. That was pretty sweet.

And then they were off.


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Am in love with Myles!

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me too --