Monday, October 30, 2006

Me is gonna be an early riser...

Tuesday/Thursday 6:15am Spin Class. Uncha Uncha Uncha....can you feel the beat?? Yours truly is the teacher........

Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Bermuda Pic -- Good times

Janelle, Kat, and Chrissy. And company....(can you name all the peeps in the background?)

Are you CPR Certified?

....and if not, can you opereate one of those Defibrillator thingies?! I just spent all afternoon getting certified. One of those necessary things you gotta do when you work in the health and fitness industry. But you know what? --every time I do those darn things, I`m sure glad that I refreshed my memory (which by the way --I swear that my head is not the same after my winter crash on Cavedale!).

BTW- here`s something pretty important, especially for people who use cell phones and travel (--isn`t that every single bike racer out there?). Anyway, when you call 911 from a cell phone, you can pretty much guarantee that you are going to go on a nice little detour and it will usually take up to ten minutes (!!) to get to a dispatcher.

No joke.
So what`s a cell phone user to do when a landline isn`t available for an emergency call? Well, when you travel, take the time to look up the "public safety" phone number of the city where you will be. Heck, it`s not a bad idea to put the local numbers in your cell for when you ride around your own area (they can be found in the white pages of your handy dandy phone book). So presuming you get service from your location, when you call these public safety numbers from your cell, you will evidently get right to someone who can put you in touch with a dispatcher. It may take a little time to dig up these numbers, but you might be glad you did.

Ok....that`s my public safety announcement for the month. Take it or leave it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Beautiful Weekend...

We were on top of Los Alamos here --a somewhat famous climb for us locals. Lots of hills this weekend. Great views everywhere!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yo Yo Yoga

off season yoga training = strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, concentration, joint stabilty etc.. etc... --need i say more.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

These "blogs" are not all they`re cracked up to be!

Ok, so I just had a great little post complete with pictures, that suddenly went "poof" into cyberspace. What is the deal with these blogs? Also, I`m having a heck of a time loading the links feature into my page. If you have any advice to get me going in the right direction with that, please let me know. And about that post that went "poof"....well be patient it`s coming.
Alrighty then, on another note, I`m busting out the good `ol 1994 Ibis Mojo today (yep it`s a hardtail) and I`m going to hit the dirt......finally! It`s a beautiful day to hit the trails. ciao!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Monday, October 16, 2006

Got my finger on the trigger

.....i never want my camera to think i take it for granted. so here`s a picture and a post to say thank you camera. you`re a superstar....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006


yep --i stumbled pretty good while running....check out the left ankle. those rocks just have a way of showing up when you least expect them. no running for me for a bit....
maybe i should have taken the hint when i knocked my head into a bike rack that was hanging off the back of an suv parked in the parking lot before i even started out for my run. think i`ll stick to bike racing... :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Looking ahead....

I hear that next year`s Tour Of California is going up over Trinity.

Sweet. I can`t wait. that climb.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Interbike Days....

Yeah, I`ve been to Vegas before. In some ways that place never changes.....but going to Interbike was a first for me. Quite literally, what a whirlwind of a trip that was! Three Days, three nights, all non-stop. It was hours and hours on the feet, walking and walking all day (and night) ---and nowhere near enough sleep to counter all the actvity!
I was there with Mike Tamayo and Rachel Heal from Victory Brewing, and we basically did a fair share of handshaking and thanking to all the folks who made it possible for us to ride such killer equipment and use such great products this past season!
In fact, we were so busy buzzing around to our sponsors that I hardly got to take a look at the other booths to see what the "new buzz" is in the industry.
So from my end, not a whole lot to report about new products out there. I have a little picture gallery of some of the stuff we did at Interbike, but sorry folks I didn`t bring my camera out to The Sinclair Party, or any other outing after sundown. But I can tell was a very good time cutting loose with a bunch of other cycling crazed people. Let me paint the picture of three nights out in Vegas for you -- it was a perfect mix of great people, tasty food, awesome mojitos, and good beats. And it seemed like every night out lasted practically all night long.....but you`d never know it because that town never shuts down, right? It might pay to wear a watch, but then again...maybe not :)
Ok, so back to the little picture gallery from some of the stuff we did and things that we saw:

here`s rachel hanging out at the cane creek booth. love those wheels...

here`s a sweet poster of yoisten rockin the time trial at toona-

below is my brother todd`s kick ass booth -- se bikes. i hope those of you that went, took my advice and went to check out the goods.

plus, brother todd himself, working his magic..

a surprising, yet pleasant find at the voler booth. didn`t know they were using a shot of me. that was cool. maybe i should have put my fist in the air. i would have been like neil shirley, who was rumored to have stood by his poster all day long with both arms raised in victory :) hope he didn`t wear himself out!

ok. by of the coolest things ever. if you don`t know about --you should. not only is cycling tv cool, but so are the folks who run it. AND they had food and beer at their booth. uh-huh...important elements for long days at the trade show. that`s rachel being interviewed. you can go see it in the archives on

more rachel--

and then there was the infamous sram booth. rachel and i spent our time being surrouned by loads of men screamimg our names... that`s what we get when we got the goods --shwag that is. we must`ve cleared out five or six big boxes full of t-shirts, hats, socks, and arm bands. the crowds were wild for the stuff! oh yeah...sram had beer too :) sierra nevada of course.

ummm....i was known to hit more than a few folks in the head with my shwag tosses. i think mr. zellman thought i was aiming for him because i must have nailed him at least four or five times!(and i knocked over somebody`s beer). hey, what can i say...they didn`t give us any practice time!

and lastly, this would be the sram force crank arm table. the place where battles were won and lost. i`m not sure how i got roped into arm wrestling two days in a row.... but anyway, i ended up 1-1. it`s all about the lever. or so i`m told.....

fun fun fun interbike 2006.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bon Voyage Kate!

well people, while most of us cycling folks are busy these days negotiating, planning and signing away for next year --there are a few racing folks out there that have gotten the bug to leave the sport and move in a whole new direction.
one of those people is kate sherwin--my good friend and teammate from victory brewing. although i do not have the authority to spread the word on her new endeavor, let`s just say she has quite an adventure coming her way! even so, she will be greatly missed by me and many other racing peeps as well. but like she so eloquently said, ...she could pretty much come out of retirement in five years and still not be as old as me... (ha -thanks kate!!).

anyway, once the race was cancelled --our new focus became celebrating kate`s retirement! we couldn`t think of a better place for her to have a "last hoorah" as a bike racer, that`s for sure. good thing i have some endurance because it was something to keep up with her! --and ya`ll thought it was me, eh.....

after the time trial was the party-(look closely at kate, someone has just untied her halter top!)--

after the party was the after party...

one of our nights out, here`s katie kate doing her cat-walk, party-talk, dance-move, got-the-groove...

here`s the way cool u.k. crew that we rocked the island with all week-

us at horseshoe bay before the hurricane hit

here we are about to scoot around, the day before the hurricane hit...

the girls at the beach watching the waves before the hurricane came

our super hosts --marian and roland, who took extra special care of us. this shot was taken in the early stages of the hurricane

ok. now it`s work time just to use the bathroom during the hurricane. that`s what the bucket is for people. and check out that wind.....

a couple shots of us being locked inside our apartment for awhile. no power, no shower etc. etc. good thing i made that coffee the night before. (we all know brendita likes her coffee....)

scouting around the day after the hurricane

one more beautiful beach day before it`s time to say good-bye. could not get this image to upload straight upright, so you`ll just have to deal with the sideways view!

miss you kate!!!