Friday, October 27, 2006

Are you CPR Certified?

....and if not, can you opereate one of those Defibrillator thingies?! I just spent all afternoon getting certified. One of those necessary things you gotta do when you work in the health and fitness industry. But you know what? --every time I do those darn things, I`m sure glad that I refreshed my memory (which by the way --I swear that my head is not the same after my winter crash on Cavedale!).

BTW- here`s something pretty important, especially for people who use cell phones and travel (--isn`t that every single bike racer out there?). Anyway, when you call 911 from a cell phone, you can pretty much guarantee that you are going to go on a nice little detour and it will usually take up to ten minutes (!!) to get to a dispatcher.

No joke.
So what`s a cell phone user to do when a landline isn`t available for an emergency call? Well, when you travel, take the time to look up the "public safety" phone number of the city where you will be. Heck, it`s not a bad idea to put the local numbers in your cell for when you ride around your own area (they can be found in the white pages of your handy dandy phone book). So presuming you get service from your location, when you call these public safety numbers from your cell, you will evidently get right to someone who can put you in touch with a dispatcher. It may take a little time to dig up these numbers, but you might be glad you did.

Ok....that`s my public safety announcement for the month. Take it or leave it.

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