Monday, October 02, 2006

Bon Voyage Kate!

well people, while most of us cycling folks are busy these days negotiating, planning and signing away for next year --there are a few racing folks out there that have gotten the bug to leave the sport and move in a whole new direction.
one of those people is kate sherwin--my good friend and teammate from victory brewing. although i do not have the authority to spread the word on her new endeavor, let`s just say she has quite an adventure coming her way! even so, she will be greatly missed by me and many other racing peeps as well. but like she so eloquently said, ...she could pretty much come out of retirement in five years and still not be as old as me... (ha -thanks kate!!).

anyway, once the race was cancelled --our new focus became celebrating kate`s retirement! we couldn`t think of a better place for her to have a "last hoorah" as a bike racer, that`s for sure. good thing i have some endurance because it was something to keep up with her! --and ya`ll thought it was me, eh.....

after the time trial was the party-(look closely at kate, someone has just untied her halter top!)--

after the party was the after party...

one of our nights out, here`s katie kate doing her cat-walk, party-talk, dance-move, got-the-groove...

here`s the way cool u.k. crew that we rocked the island with all week-

us at horseshoe bay before the hurricane hit

here we are about to scoot around, the day before the hurricane hit...

the girls at the beach watching the waves before the hurricane came

our super hosts --marian and roland, who took extra special care of us. this shot was taken in the early stages of the hurricane

ok. now it`s work time just to use the bathroom during the hurricane. that`s what the bucket is for people. and check out that wind.....

a couple shots of us being locked inside our apartment for awhile. no power, no shower etc. etc. good thing i made that coffee the night before. (we all know brendita likes her coffee....)

scouting around the day after the hurricane

one more beautiful beach day before it`s time to say good-bye. could not get this image to upload straight upright, so you`ll just have to deal with the sideways view!

miss you kate!!!


Ian said...

Hey Brenda,

Some cool pictures, looks like you had a good time, GOOD JOB you met that super cool UK crew, they were AWESOME hey!!!
I can't believe you are so computer literate getting this blog up and running, me being a computer geek and it hadn't even crossed my mind to do one.

Take care
un bacio

Kate said...

Hey B,
Thanks for the Bon Voyage post! I'm going to miss you and our whole team next year.
I had such a blast in Bermuda, so I'll have to go back next year even if I'm not racing! (To everyone we met this year, hope to see you back as well).
Keep up with the posts for me and all your fans! It's easier than googling you...

tross said...

hey brenda, awesome pics. it was great to catch up on what you have been up too! take care