Thursday, October 19, 2006

These "blogs" are not all they`re cracked up to be!

Ok, so I just had a great little post complete with pictures, that suddenly went "poof" into cyberspace. What is the deal with these blogs? Also, I`m having a heck of a time loading the links feature into my page. If you have any advice to get me going in the right direction with that, please let me know. And about that post that went "poof"....well be patient it`s coming.
Alrighty then, on another note, I`m busting out the good `ol 1994 Ibis Mojo today (yep it`s a hardtail) and I`m going to hit the dirt......finally! It`s a beautiful day to hit the trails. ciao!

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Courtenay said...

hey brenda!
so, regarding the lost post, in the past i have had that happen and then i get back to the compose window and click "restore post" and sometimes it works. but sometimes with this free service you get what you pay for...

as for links, they are easier if you switch over to blogger beta, because the templates are very user friendly. i think you can do that from the dashboard or the blogger home page (it doesn't look like you are using bloger beta?). then go to the template section, and from there it's pretty easy. if you don't want to switch to blogger beta, just go to the template via your dashboard, click view template, scroll down through all the code (pretty far down) until you see the links section, or you can do a "find" and type in google or edit me, which are two of the standard links on blogger. when you find the links section, just change the web address to what you want to link to, and in the quotes type your name for the link, e.g. My Team. then copy and paste to add more links. and don't forget to save your changes, then republish the blog.
i hope this makes sense!