Wednesday, December 08, 2010

totally Worth It.

I am of the mindset that personal health ranks right up there with financial stability.
But I am also one who likes change and diversity....meaning, I love my bike but honestly, cycling has burned me out a bit. It just cannot be my end all be all avenue for exercise. So...instead of grunt and groan and be miserable about burnout, I did my research and found something new! I just joined the world of "boot campers" !!! Haha no kidding. I started a new training regimen with a couple of great coaches here in Anaheim. Now I am finally rediscovering my personal love of fitness and am feeling a bit like a kid again!

I feel like a quack saying this but I was getting lost inside myself without new opportunities and outlets to make me happy....and thanks to these guys I am finding a whole new level.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

not so sudden realizations....

--parenting from 500 miles away is not the best plan.
---exercise really does make a difference.
-sleep is essential.
-i am in love.
--- i am not scared to get old, but i am scared to become old.
-there are plenty of adventures that absolutely must blend in with daily chores.
----shedding unnecessary people is a bit like shedding unnecessary weight.
-saving pennies is still worth the effort.
--absolutely nothing compares to the bicycle.
--i miss blogging.