Friday, September 22, 2006

victory brewing bermuda team

funny how this is the only team picture i got the whole bermuda trip. that`s chrissy, kate, rachel, kat, and me. i think mike was off on a run at that moment, or i would have made sure to have him in the picture, too! the beach we were at that day was horseshoe bay, which was the main hangout for alot of the bike racers (besides the pickled onion!). we pretty much ran into someone every day we went to that beach. anyway, get a load of the waves behind us. this picture was taken a day after the hurricane came.... before the hurricane came to the island, that water was incredibly calm without much of a wave at all. nice that we got one last sunny day on the beach before we flew out, which by the way was only a few hours after that shot was taken. i can still feel the sand between my toes. i bet your not surprised to hear me say that bermuda is one of the best places ever for a bike race. how can you go wrong?!
more pics and stories to come :)

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