Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tis the end of...

...another amazing race season. this time we ended the season with a hurricane in bermuda. glad that i stayed through it, as there was way too much fun still to be had before leaving the island --and now i can say i weathered a hurricane (!). not sure i want to do that again, though...
so, if you are reading this, you know that i have a new site. just felt like it was time for a change. it`s a new season and new things are happening. not sure why, but when i look back -my life has changed dramatically in the month of september for years now.

anyway, i digress.

as i said..the racing season has ended and i thought i would be an avid blogger this year posting lots of news about victory brewing --but that didn`t happen!! i did have an awesome year though. the team was great and there are many stories to tell, just maybe not on this blog. i will post pics from the season here and there. and maybe i`ll get my act together and post a bit more regularly from now on.

off to bounce around.

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