Thursday, September 21, 2006

A little story about Bermuda...

...let`s start with news about the race. my teammate Katharine won this year`s young woman award for the "Prestige Cycling Series". after the time trial, we had the awards ceremony ( was the end of the race, too --since the race was cancelled because of hurricane florence. we only did two stages --!). the lighthouse in the background is the highest point on bermuda. the time trial was only a couple minutes long. and they had a party waiting for us at the top. what if all time trials were like that?!
anyway, go kat go. congrats!
btw-- victory brewing was on the podium both stages in bermuda. kat placed third in the time trial (amber rais won and karen brems took second), and rachel took third at the thursday night crit (she got away beautifully, and stuck it out til the finish. she was joined up by laura van gilder and stacey marple, who took first and second respectively). this year`s bermuda will go down as the shortest stage race ever, only 32 minutes racing total! -- an interesting way to end out the season.

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