Wednesday, February 07, 2007

TEAm Lipton Presentation Day

Our team presentation day was a great success. We had a beautiful, sunny day for the "community ride", and a fabulous crowd for the team presentation. The folks who came for the presentation (and there were hundreds of them!) were so thrilled to have us there, that it just gave me goose bumps! All of the applause and smiles and the line for our autographs --it was quite overwhelming! The Albuquerque community is full of cycling enthusiasts, but I have to tell you --we found out that some people traveled in from out of state to attend the presentation. It was really awesome...that`s all I can say....words will never do it justice.

On our way to a group ride with TEAm Lipton, The Navigators, The Cycling Center, and about a hundred community folks the morning of our team presentation.

The Cycling Center Guys

Lauren and Meredith, arriving in Smith Style...

Kori and Nicole in the new V-Ti Smith Optics

Yours truly, loving the Smith Stunners

A view of the crew

The one and only Mr. Beamon

A colorful atmosphere.....

Some of the guys from the Blue Squad

TEAm Lipton Ladies just before the presentation

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