Sunday, December 09, 2007

Who was there?

Yes, it was a beautiful and sunny day out here in Southern California, and I absolutely cannot complain about the weather (heck...i didn't even wear knee warmers!), however today's training ride reminded me of the treacherous Oak Glen Stage at Redlands a few years back. No, not the climbing portion that we were all anticipating (and by the way...i am NOT doing big climbs like that right now hahaha!), but remember that crazy wind on that day that drew us out into a single file string for over twenty miles!! It was a horrendous day. It was God-awful bad. Today was just like that. Thank god this time there was no Ina Teutenberg dragging my ass along the gutter....whew...lucky me.

so, in case you are all wondering....yes i am training :)

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