Monday, March 24, 2008

A Picture Report....the beginning of good times with Team Advil Chapstick 2008


There we were...eleven women, finally coming together to get the season underway. Our training camp was in the beautiful town of Asheville, North Carolina, and although it was the most cold and the most snow (one little flurry!) this fair weather rider has seen in a long time...I have to say that it was also a very enjoyable and awesome trip. Of course...those who know me, know that Asheville is one of my favorite places on the planet, so it's probably no surprise to know that I just didn't want to leave when it came time to pack it up and head back home! The pictures above give you a little snapshot into our time together training, and enjoying the culture of Asheville!

Allow me to introduce to you the spectacular ladies of this sport that represent our team.

...this is not a palomares introduction by the way ;-)

2008 Team Advil-Chapstick
-Laura "super star, cowboy-boot wearin' spitfire" Bowles
-Sue "need i say more" Palmer-Komar
-Reem "one kick ass, dedicated, do it all woman" Jishi
-Kirsten "the voice of women cycling in the news" Robbins
-Heather "okay this woman just glows" LaBance
-Natalie "remember this name" Klemko
-Anna "more experience than most...and sure has the the legs to prove it" Milkowski
-Elisa "the most modest racer i have ever met" Gagnon
-Sarah "miss i love a life adventure and am always up for challenge" Tillotson
-Jen "yes, I can take you any day" McRae
...and me :)

Now..that's a line-up people. Look for us to get the ball rolling in late Spring! Cheers and as always....word to the bike :)


c_c_rider said...

geez, training camps sure do look fun! you ladies rock, good luck this season. :)

Anonymous said...

You're photos turned out great Brenda! I love the different coloring on them.
Best of luck at Redlands!!


Brenda-china said...

Hi,Brenda,we have the same name,But we are Far away from each other.I'm from beijing,China.
It's my pleasure to share your training camps photos.It's wonderful~