Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Smiles are beautiful

How can anyone not love a smile. And I for people and I love capturing their energy with the camera (even though I am a total amateur!). I was actually a little embarrassed taking this shot (can you imagine me standing with these kids, lined up on "their" wall just so I could get a moment to snatch a picture for my "day-tripping in the rep world" photo album). I just needed a split second when they weren't gawking at me wondering what on earth I was doing there lined up like them.... the only female, AND without a board. Ha.

This was a moment indeed.

It was a great moment. The shot was taken in Las Vegas at Pharmacy Board Shop --one of my newest dealers. These guys are SO nice and So mellow and SO cool. No wonder all the kids want to hang out there!

I'm coming in close to two years ago when I was offered the position to come on board with this side of the industry and although it has been a WILD ride learning the ropes, there is never a moment that I do not appreciate the gift of being in this career.

Ride on Ride on...

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