Friday, June 22, 2007

Nature Valley Continued...

We had a decent day yesterday in the road race. We got active about halfway through the race to see if we could get things going with a breakaway, but we were always chased down (pretty much right away). It made for an aggressive race in one sense... however it seemed like the real race began once we entered the finishing circuits. Our team goal for the day was to make sure that Kristin was there for a top finish. She came in just outside of the podium and the rest of us were right there in the mix.
Today was a new day--- Kristin stormed the Time Trial and took over the GC lead. I believe that we are also winning the Team GC... but I have not seen the official result on that. I have to say... I liked the time trial, which is very rare for this little pocket rocket sprinter! I didn`t go "hard" or anything, but I just loved riding in my own rhythm and the sound of the disc wheel... it was the first time I`ve ever ridden with actually.. At first I kept thinking people were catching me, and then I realized it was the sound of my own bike I was hearing!! .... hahaha. Such a rooky...
So we go into this evening looking to defend our lead...we`ve got a fast and technical criterium coming our way with time bonus sprints, so it ought to be exciting! Again... stay tuned :)
Oh and on another note... I`m still feeling limited by the pain in my back, and it`s a little bit frustrating... but I`m being patient with the healing process, and doing what I can for the team. Still having a great time racing!

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Frank O said...

If it weren't for your race updates, I would not know what is going on. Cycling News is apparently lallygagging about updating the results. You're such a good fast!
Thanks. -Frank