Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This picture tells the story of TEAm LIPTON teamwork, and the story that we reached our goal for the day -- Kristin won the race for the Queen of The Mountains Jersey.
That was awesome.

This picture below tells the story of what happens when things get tight...really tight, in the last kilometer of racing. There was no intentional bumping or shoving going on... just some handlebars touching, which caused some contact, which caused some of us hit the deck. Nobody can be happy about crashing, especially so close to the finish of such an epic race... but accidents do happen, and as they say, that's bike racing. Luckily, we all walked away from it! Personally, my clothes were torn to shreds and my body has road rash all over both arms and elbows, one shoulder and leg and one whole butt cheek! --but I should heal up soon...and hopefully so will everyone else who went down.

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