Friday, July 13, 2007

Bubble News..

When you live in the professional cycling bubble you miss all sorts of things... like hey..when did the postage go up? jeez.

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LoniatTone said...

Hey there Brenda, sorry to hear of your back issues. That's probably why you were in Grund's office--I was there too, right next door in the office. Sorry I missed you. Would of loved to see you. I had a twisted sacrum and tight psoas. Ain't life grand?! Luv the pix of your boy. I'm feeling the same way as far as motherhood. My boys' are entering 10th/9th next year and it's hard to believe they'll be young men soon. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Well I'll be seeing you soon. Ride on and good luck. Luv Loni B.