Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Visit with Family and Friends...HB2007

Here's the rundown to the photos:
First one is me and my longtime friend Erin. She and I have a very long history, that all started the day we met(in 1988!)...we went to Mexico to have "fun" in a VW van... and as fate would have it, the van broke down, and we got stuck for a couple of days in San Diego. No extra clothes.. no money.. only a van to sleep all of us in...what an adventure we had! That would be the start of many adventures...and we've been good friends ever since :)
Next up is a couple of pictures with my relatives. My Aunt Terry (in the pink top) is a Grandma. Can you believe it?! She has always amazed me with how young she looks! Those are her daughters, my cousins Bridget and Charlotte, and their little ones in the picture below... two very cool cousins to have!...and their kids are so sweet.
After that, we have Myles and his super sweet friend Patrick. I think those two had a very nice time taking in the two-legged sights ;-)
I saved the best for last.... that little thing in the bottom picture is Dyani. She is my brother's dog. She has got to be one of the most interesting canines I have ever met. Yes... she sleeps under the covers. Sometimes I look at her and I could swear she is trying to be human!

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