Wednesday, January 23, 2008


How can you not totally love these! This was a Christmas present well worth the wait! Notice that each row has a theme. They come in packets of five of the hippest eco-bags I have ever seen. Use 'em for grocery shopping/clothes shopping/beach/gym/pre-post race etc etc etc....whatever(!).
just use them. smart and hip. (although i have to admit...they could come out with a scheme for the dudes...most of these look to be for the chicks!)

Anyway....Thanks MOM. you're the best :)


Bag Monster said...

So I take it you don't like single-use plastic bags? Nobody seems to want us around anymore... It's hard being a Bag Monster in the Age of Bag Bans! I can't even get a job because of convenient reusable bags like envirosax and
For a good laugh (at my expense), and to find out more about how life is getting tougher for Bag Monsters, go to my blog:

SnarkyFit said...

These are brilliant! Thanks for the tip - love them!