Sunday, January 06, 2008

A night out ---a little out of the ordinary

Last night I attended the Anaheim 1 Superscross race. I have never been to any of these races before, so I am certainly no expert on the subject of this kind of racing. However --my vote for the "ride of the night" goes to this guy, James "Bubba" Stewart. What a stellar performance, and a true testament of skill and athleticism!! After a first lap crash, this guy came from dead last and rode his way all the way back through the pack to finish in 2nd place!! You really had to be there to see what I am talking about. The track was a complete mess from all the rain...actually it looked more like a mud wrestling venue than a dirt bike racing track! There were crashes and mishaps all night long, which makes Bubba's ride in the final, all that more impressive. You should have seen the size of the ruts that were cut in the track...some of them had to be over a foot deep! The riders with true skill were easy to see in these conditions.
Hats of to all those dudes out there, though. I can't even imagine what kind of confidence it takes to launch seventy foot jumps in mud like that!
Even though Chad Reed won (and yes he had an impressive ride too), Mr. Stewart is still my favorite on the night. And even though I will enjoy watching the guys duke it out on dry dirt...I have to say I'm glad I witnessed such an epic event :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool post! Even though they aren't related, it reminds me of the students that I have that are BMXers. They are so astounded when they find out that I have a "Lance Armstrong" bike. Then they are dying to talk bikes, components, and gear. Pretty cool. Also reminded me of the sloppy track at KCCX in December. I'll have to check out Supercross sometime. ;)

Velo Bella said...

haha! It takes a motocross blog to bring me out of lurk. But thats what working at a motocross company will do to me!

Bubba is an awesome rider. I can't believe how young these guys are all. Bubba was just a wee kid a few years ago.

Hope you are enjoying your new job and socal life! I am so excited for you.