Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Surprisingly specific

Well I got my act together recently and can finally say that I have been on three local rides in five days here! That's quite a feat considering how all over the place I have been lately with this new career! It's been a strange transition.... I mean up in Santa Rosa I knew every nook and cranny of the roads I trained on, and I knew what every local race would have to offer. It took years to build that knowledge and understanding, and I think I really took that all for granted! in my new home everything is new (in alot of ways actually), but what I am speaking of is the "newness" of all these "new to me" training rides and races that happen around here. I have been nothing but amazed by how many great group rides are out there down here in Southern California!
I am feeling somewhat settled nowadays and have actually been jumping in in some pretty darn good rides (with pretty darn good company I might add!). Now that I am back to spending some regular quality time on the bike, I am also beginning to learn some new/old things about myself. Ultimately, aside from the coolness of each new adventure, what has been so surprising (note the subject line)is that I am noticing just how specific my skills/abilities on the bike are becoming. I mean seriously.....if there is a hill these days I just end up suffering like a beaten dog. But on the flip side, I have no problem hanging with the big guys when things get tough on the flats. It's quite comical actually (the fact that every little hill feels so hard!!). Just goes to show that I really do belong on fast, speedy, FLAT courses despite the fact that EVERYONE thinks I should be a great climber because I am so small.
You know one of my coaches, Mr. Max Testa, once said to me that I had a power to weight ratio that was pretty close to world class, but that I was so full of fast twitch muscle that the only hope I would have in hilly races was if they were rolling courses!! He was so right! (hahaha)....Cant say I don't like a hill as much as "the climber" because I really do enjoy climbing .......but when it comes to racing, well it is safe to say that I am in love with criteriums.
In love I tell ya.

In love.

Cheers... and as always, word to the bike.

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