Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And about the race....

Those are my legs before they gave out!

Ha...well what can I say? I had a hell of a day.....along with everyone really!! But for me and my little personal Liberty Classic experience, all I can say is that I simply fell apart going into lap four with cramps that practically kept me from putting any pressure on the pedals (I first learned of my inabilty to perform in extreme heat with humidity when I ran a marathon in Honolulu many years ago!!!!). I sure would have loved to finish on Sunday, but there was just no way I could see myself being any part of the race other than a finisher that rolled in many minutes after the race to the line. Therefore, I called it a day and happily rode over to the stands to watch my teammate Jen tear it up in the sprint with Ina and Brooke Miller. Thanks to Brooke who launched first down the last straightaway, she and Jen got a great jump on the other sprinters, but Jen couldn't quite get around Brooke (Brooke had a very, very strong sprint), and then Ina just squeaked by Jen at the line keeping her off the podium by one spot! Man....what a great sprint to watch.

I have to admit, having the opportunity to see that sprint was well worth giving up riding that last time over the Manayunk Wall for..hehehe, twist my arm ;) And truly, if I'm not going to be in the sprint...the next best thing is to be watching it!

Anyway, back to my race, I had great day, and a hard day all in one. It was nice to get back on the course and let go of last year's terrible memory of crashing in the last kilometer, and it was very inspiring to be back racing with an international field as a full-time career mama. Days like these remind me how much passion I have for this sport, and my team, and the company I work for....I feel so fortunate.

Thanks for reading :)

See you in Austin June 21st......

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