Monday, June 02, 2008

Northeast side....

Shipped my bike and two wheelsets to Philly today. Thanks to our sponsor (Wyeth), we get travel vouchers to use with UPS....saves big time on shipping anything bike related, especially with the increased cost for travel bags!! I always feel a little strange sending my bike on the road before me, but some things just have to be done. It's a little bit of a bonus to have some extra space for packing though, especially considering I am always the one dragging around an extra suitcase full of food (just ask my teammates)!! And you can bet I wasted no time packing some goodies in that bike box this time around. I mean...have you ever tried to find a health food store in Northeast Philly???

Ain't happenin'.

And those peeps must not drink espresso either, because I couldn't even find a Starbucks last time I stayed out that way(had to drive 14 miles to get Starbucks, and you folks who see them every five blocks know how weird that must have been)!!

There are plenty of Sheets there though ;)
Ahhh....the wonders of culture.

Anyway, so that Blue Sky soda in the picture, got some of that packed for the trip too..that would be my savior for when I crave sugar drinks, and lately I got a little bit of that craving. My soda craving always come with summer, plus, it's always nice to go for a soda after a race and feel like it's okay to be drinking it! Thank you for existing Blue Sky.....and saving me from high fructose corn syrup!!
(Ps..I also packed rice noodles, Kashi cereal, Annie's canned ravioli, Fruity Booty and my espresso, the grinder and the maker...hehehe).

Philly here I come....ready or not.


Yaright said...

Good luck in Philly

pedro said...

no sense searcing for good bean when you can bring your own, indeed. and for the record, there is no good coffee along the 395 corridor either!

sportmichael said...

You need... Handpresso! own a French Press, Drip, Stove top, manual, and SuperAutomatic machine...this will be a good addition to the collection of coffee makers!