Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The man behind the plan is Steve Harad (Steven Harad)....go on Google him, educate yourself. He's great guy and is a man with vision for Kestrel that will not disappoint. the post below, I'm not saying we're perfect (not one bike company out there is by the way!), but I read this this little excerpt from a another blog and thought it was worth sharing and noting, especially since mr bikesnobnyc seems to think that all we are is some wack job company that produces bikes without brains and thought and engineering and that only retired dentists will bother caring that we are back in business. Whatever each their own.

Here's the forum post:
"A little extra positive feedback to Kestrel (parent Company - Advanced Sports Inc. - ASI - maker of Fuji and SE Bikes). Especially to Steve Harad - Kestrel Manager. I had a warranty situation and Steve took care of business! He took special time out from an Ironman Kestrel booth to communicate with me several times and get some action going. Just what one would hope all good business people would do. Also, "job well done" to Roy Hough at Kestrel for getting my frame "in the mail".
On the local front - Nytro took care of the actual Kestrel transactions - David Hull - Customer Service/Shipping and James - Service Manager worked with me in a very professional and positive way.
Disclaimer - I have no connection (other than spending my money) with either of these companies. Sometimes one hears complaints about business dealings - so it is good to deal with some folks that did thing correctly - right from the start to the finish. - and nice to have a great bike again."

Cool hey.

So without sounding like to much of a brat...can I just say "shut up and ride". If we all did that, the world would be a better place ---GUARANTEED. I don't care if you ride a cruiser, a fixie, a BMX bike, a tandem, a comfort bike, a touring bike, a friggin unicycle, a downhill bike, a tricycle, a hardtail, a rigid, a triathlon bike, or a bike made of whatever material.....aluminum, carbon, steel, titanium, bamboo etc get the picture. Just enjoy yourself already.

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