Saturday, February 14, 2009

PROPS to the FEMALE side of the sport.....

With all the hooplah around every pro men's team getting press and being seen in the state of California while preparing for the big Tour, and of course Lancy Pants and his comeback making headlines and all the other notable and deserving big guns getting media exposure and credit, I would like to take a moment in my simple little blogger page to give props to the pro racing women out there. These ladies duke it out, give their all ---and by the way, make MAJOR sacrifices to basically race for peanuts on the pro-circuit (that would be a very long post to explain some hard facts that the public has no clue about and I just dont have the time or interest to bother with sharing any of that right now, so we will skip that part and keep it all positive shall we!). Anyway, it should be known that the ladies you see in this picture will go down in history as some of the best sprinters that have raced here in the U.S. --- I'd like to give major kudos to all the people, the sponsors, and the fans that believe in, support and do their part to keep things rolling for the racing women in the sport of cycling at all levels.

And man....I wish I had been there to race!
Rock on ladies....rock on.

Winner for the day: Laura Van Gilder (congrats!)
2nd: Gina Grain
3rd: Brooke Miller
4th: Tina Pic
5th Megan Gaurnier

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