Thursday, November 09, 2006

And speaking of Football--once a Buckeye always a Buckeye!

That post of my main man Myles playing football got me thinking --- there are just nine days left before the biggest college football game of the year (especially if you are a BIG 10 fan!). Next saturday will probably be the one and only saturday ALL year that I park it front of the television. I will plan my whole week around making sure that I get to sit down and watch the infamous OSU vs. Michigan Football game. My adrenalin is already pumping, just thinking about it.
I am a real-deal sports fan folks -- a huge one actually. Even though I`m a cyclist, and a big fan of everything cycling related.... I really do have a thing for all sports -- football, basketball, soccer, boxing, track and field, hockey, tennis, golf, gymnastics, etc.. etc...
I can pretty much pass on all reality shows, and night-time drama tv -- but if you turn the channel to a good game/match, no matter what the sport, I will usually stop what I`m doing to watch the tube. Yes... I have my favorite teams and athletes, but I am a sucker for an exciting game, no matter who is playing/competing.
AND --there is nothing like the Ohio State vs. Michigan game in my book. I tend to like college football over pro-ball anyway, ....but seeing as how I am a native Ohio-an, it just wouldn`t be right to miss watching the game. And sh-t! --it`s gonna be a good one this year..... wahoo..... Go Bucks!

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Jim Lyons said...

I think ur son may also be one ! Check the photos I sent to you!!