Sunday, November 05, 2006

Victory Brewing 2006 ---the final year for the team.

The Super Studettes of 2006. Thank you ladies, for an amazing year of awesome times, both on and off the bike ;-)

Bill Covaleski -with Laura B., Tara, and Yoisten at Bike Jam 2006. Bill is the man that made it all happen. Ever had a Golden Monkey? Well you can thank that man for your good time. Thanks Bill -- :) More notably....Thank you Bill for sponsoring all of us on the team over the years, and believing in Women`s Cycling. You rock.

And of course there are these guys, Mike and Chris. Mike Tamayo deserves HUGE props for everything he has done to help the sport (for women especially!). In my book, male directors that can handle a van full of women for eight months of the year are a whole different breed. Nicely done Mr. Tamayo, nicely done. And let us not forget to thank Chris Franges, who made his debut as a cycling mechanic with the team this year. Thanks Chris, you made alot of things a whole heck of alot easier simply by being so cool!


Andy said...

Brenda, well said, I'll miss all the southern five.

skiunit said...

yes, well said. glad that my favorite bar sponsored cycling. i have not met bill, but i have had golden monkey, and tonight, i had my first silverback...golden monekey and storm king sotudt in the same glass. As u c an see from my spelling, a strong beer...and tasty!

b-luv said...

you better pack a few bottles of the monkey when you come out this way mr. skiunit......and maybe a stout, i`d like to try the silverback :)