Sunday, January 28, 2007

32 Hours before now, I wrote this post-

sitting on the plane for the moment, with loads of zing in my blood. i`m not just talking about the amount of caffeine i have consumed since 4:30am, i`m talking about the zing of both adrenaline and excitement that is flowing in my blood as i get closer to meeting up with the team. it`s been a rather stress free trip so far (except that i forgot my flip favorite footwear ever). anyway, now that i have things at home all squared away so that i can be out of town, i`m enjoying the chance to catch-up on normal people stuff, like chilling out and reading magazines.
maybe i will sound silly, but this month's vanity fair has turned out to be a good pick for me, and where i`m at these days (side note: never bought this mag before). there are two great interviews inside with icon women, demi moore and tyra banks. loved 'em both. after reading these articles, i can honestly say these women are role models for me. i`m right in the middle of their ages and can --oddly enough-- totally relate to these women on one level or another.
sure i`m no runway model or superstar actress, but these two share a side of themselves in the interviews that brings them both right back down to earth in a way that i can get with. demi is a mom, no longer with her children`s father and she has all sorts of the same things going on that i do with regards to parenting the "teenager". as a women, she`s been through the ringer a bit, and she`s reinventing herself. i can get with that more than i will ever bother to share here on this blog. tyra, well.. she`s on a mssion to be more than a face. she works hard and she is making a difference for people, especially women. what can i say, except go-girl-go. i like what you got to say.
sure we can all have our opinions and such, tv tyra is a bit strange for me, and demi has had her share of movie flops, but they are both out to break the mold. i can definitely get with that. cheers.....

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Big Sis Ant said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for the bike shrimp advice today. I hope you're having a great time at camp! You're a real inspiration to me!