Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That mess took awhile to clean up--

Lately, I`ve been on a major home fixer-upper trip. And actually, today I will have three different home helpers here working all at once --a painter, an electrician, and a yard cleaner guy (i`d say landscaper....but i`m not quite at that point with the yard!). So back to the painting part. Well... it has taken me about ten trips to the paint rental place for me to actually decide on the colors for the walls here. Ok...according to the law of averages, I guess it was meant to be with all of that back and forth, that some of (which was really a bit more than a little of!) the paint was probably going to eventually..... spill in my car! I won`t tell you how fast I hit the turn that probably caused it. I forgot about the paint being there and was putting the Jetta up for a little "speed test" into a corner. Next time paint in the car. Btw--the Jetta handled very well....even for a wagon. And I thought I just bought that baby b/c she can run biodiesel and gets 45+ mpg....

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