Sunday, January 14, 2007

A little bit of anarchy wouldn`t be all that bad, would it?

So, I`m out on my bike today, minding my own business ...and sure enough, I get run off the road by some person who decided it was their job to teach me a lesson for rolling through a red light to make a right hand turn.
Let me just say that again -- I was making a right hand turn, without any cross traffic in sight. So this car, or shall I say minivan, decides to follow me, proceeds to honk at me, and then boldy swerves at me to push me off the road.
They accelerate after giving me my "lesson" and drive off, leaving me only to assume that they felt justified in some weird sort of way. I on the other hand found myself immediately thinking of the movie Road Warrior and the concept of Anarchy ...and how... if only it were like the movie, that freak would not have stood a chance with me. Now yes, yes, yes, I am a yoga teacher and I keep my peace and I like to think I keep a pretty level head most of the time --- but do not think for one second that I didn't fantasize about having some kind bazooka thing mounted to my top tube, ready to take that jerk out. Honestly, I was getting a little too much pleasure thinking about it. I think I`m gonna have to go rent that movie just so I can really get my fix. But really....just a little anarchy, once in awhile? What do you think? It might be a good thing you the very least, it could help with population control. I can see it now, there could be designated "Anarchy Days" each year, like Valentines Day and such. This could get interesting.... and I bet a bunch of those mean motorists wouldn't stand a chance considering how crafty most cyclists are.......

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