Thursday, September 18, 2008

I named her "Angel"

SE LAGER in Cool White....and she's all mine in a 47cm.
(click on the picture to get a better view).

Gotta build her up this weekend.

I think I'll plan to get a few different sets of Velocity rims in different colors and then just change them out to suit my mood ---which changes often by the way, lol. But keeps life colorful to change, right?
So...for the rims, I'm thinking a teal set, a purple set, a green set and well maybe a set of powder gray mags (but it seems to only be cool to sport one of those at a time, so I'd be mixing in the colored velocity rim...sounds hot hey.). I might even go on and get a different seat to change it up at times, but the one that comes on it is checkerboard with a lightning bolt.....that's hard to beat for now :)

so hey...
when was the last time your brother designed the bike you ride?
mine did ;)

Me and Angel are gonna go places together....


Yaright said...

If you want help building wheels let me know ;-)

pedro said...

so luxurious.

i want four sets of wheels w my new bike!