Monday, September 15, 2008


contrary to popular belief....i am still alive.
promise i will be better at updating soon. gotta remember it's pre-season here in the cycling industry and there is not a minute to spare right now! i did just get to go see my baby up in santa rosa this weekend though.
lets see.... in 48hrs i drove to norcal, watched a varsity high school football game (was too late to watch myles play in the jv game thanks to bay area traffic), went to dinner downtown with myles and his sweet girlfriend, went to sleep, woke up and went straight to the flying goat (ahhhhhhh....that espresso was a treat), went for a spin in kenwood, met myles at his football practice, had a chit-chat with his coach, showered, went to lunch with myles, stopped by my old house and sifted through some stuff, packed my car to the gills, drove to san francisco...raced the san francisco twilight(!), showered again (at the nearest 24hr fitness), hung out with one of my best girlfriends, met up with the race peeps, went out dancing, ended the night with a couple of tacos in the castro way past dinnertime ahem...and went to bed by 3am.

then was up at 8:30 and was straight to union street for breakfast with the gang.
one tasty meal and two double espressos later i was back on the road to socal.

got home in time for an hour run.


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Yaright said...

I'm tired just reading that... but very happy you are still in one piece ;-)