Thursday, March 05, 2009

Flying B Ranch--- compliments of Joe Lawwill

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Yo People......get ready there is a new thing coming into the world for dirt lovers. Joe Lawwill has been working HARD to get approval for an epic soon to be mountain bike trail park in Irvine Ca. --- and guess what baby?.... it's been approved! We not only need to thank the owner of the land for his generosity and support for mountain bikers, but we also need to thank Joe (and his partners) for their diligence in getting this park approved.

Now this is where you come in....
We ALL need to do our part to make this baby come to life. It's not easy times in the world of money and we all know that.....but we also know that a park like this is the kind of thing that you will be happy and proud to have been a part of supporting so that you can enjoy it, as well as feel good about leaving a legacy behind for generations to come.

So when the time comes......PLEASE get involved, volunteer, spread the word, kick down some money...whatever....just do it. It will be good for us all! :)

Thanks rock. And by the way...Joe will be posting more as time comes about breaking ground and getting things going.....I'm just spreading the love and the excitement. Cheers :)

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