Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to get an alarm clock....

So... its just been me and my silly little cell phone every night ever since I moved down here for my new job. I haven't got a true clock next to the bed. I use this little phone for everything, it goes with me everywhere ...but this ding dong also uses it for her alarm clock too, and guess what?... The phone battery went dead overnight last night (of ALL times!) and I missed my wake-up call to be on a special, out of the ordinary 6:30am conference call with work. Dang....major work foul, I think I'm sent to the bench for this one. Bummer...I hate missing work commitments!!!! ---- nevermind the 6:30am conference call time, don't let that shock you, that's a normal time for us west coasters for our regular Monday morning calls since we have an east coast based company. It's a little odd sometimes, being groggy on these Monday morning calls, but I'm used to them now. However, today was a special Friday call ...and yours truly slept til 7am without the alarm and missed the call.

Man......I suck. You can bet I'm buying an alarm clock today.

I'm kind of liking the looks of this one below. It could make every morning an adventure, and know me, I like adventures! :)

The clock works like you'd expect an alarm to, but has an ominous little propeller up top that shoots off when it's time to get up. You won't be able to turn it off until you retrieve the prop and return it to its holder on the clock. Just don't sleep with your face toward the ceiling, or with any of the windows open.

Hahahahahaha...wouldn't that be fun.

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