Monday, March 09, 2009

Girl Time :)

Ryan Hostetter came to spend the weekend with me and we had just a fabulous time! Yes, of course the weekend was centered around riding and we rode a beautiful training loop everyday day, but we also made sure to add in some twilight pier walks, nightime pedaltime, tasty dinner eats, special vino, and yum-yum desserts into the weekend as well. Love this SoCal "training weekend" life. ;-)

Anyway, she's a way cool chick, super strong on the bike, and I'm just blown away at the fact that even though we hardly knew each other, we had such a great weekend hanging out. It's cool when life deals you people that really mean something and make you feel that just by knowing them your life is enhanced. That's how I feel about Ryan. If you see her at a race say hello (she's an adorable auburn haired beauty with blue eyes and fair skin....but sorry boys she's married to a special guy!) If you do meet her, you'll see what I mean, she's a great gal. Look for her, she'll be sporting Velo Bella kit (one of my favorite all around women's teams ever for many reasons!! you Sabine) and if you watch her race, I bet she'll be making every effort to be right in the thick of the action ---and perhaps find her way to the top step of that podium!

Go Ryan Go ...I might be your new number one fan :)

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