Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More on the weekend--

This is how I spent most of my time........driving driving driving.

About the racing though....The legs did not feel so good for Sunday`s race in Ojai......really bad actually. I wonder of it was the combination of racing Indio the day before, plus putting in a total of thirteen hours of driving between Friday and Saturday? (add to that seven more hours of driving on Monday!)
Regardless....I wasn`t feeling sprite and springy at all during the race! The race was aggressive from the gun, keeping everyone on their toes, but nothing got away. It became obvious that it would come down to a field sprint. My teammate Lara put in an incredible surge halfway through the last lap --I followed (so did Van Gilder and Mackenzie Dickey), but I just couldn`t get the legs to spring into action off of her wheel.
See the results below... I came in just shy of the podium for 4th place on the day. Then had a lovely visit with USADA-- dehydrated and all. Take note: Hats off to 14 year-old Coryn Rivera for sticking it into the finish for a good result. She`ll be one to watch throughout the years....very impressive.

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