Monday, April 16, 2007

Pine Flat Challenge---Finally did it!

Santa Rosa Cycling Club Rocks!
I drove home Saturday after the fiasco at Sea Otter just so that I could jump into an epic group ride on Sunday --and epic it was! Santa Rosa Cycling Club put on a mass start challenge for an 11.2mile hill climb known to us locals as Pine Flat.
So...every Thanksgiving there is a ride to about mile marker seven and although I`ve ridden this climbs dozens of times, that`s actually as far as I a have ever ridden up it (it`s and out and back). My original plan was to go just that far again and then head on home with my iPod. I have to say though, that curiosity got the best of me. I had to go and see what all the hubub was about in those remaining 4 miles. Well..the last two miles truly are as epic as they say.

Did somebody say those pitches were 21% ??!!

AND...just to add to the whole thing... I swear there was a headwind on that hill. I also swear that I could not have been turning over any more than 15rpms there on some of those sections.....I was thinking to myself..."ok balance, balance...don`t fall over, don`t put your foot down....DO NOT put your foot down...

It was really that steep people.

How is it that we call that a good time?
But truth is -- it was awesome. I loved it. And there were cookies and soda and loads of smiling faces hanging out at the top. That was a damn good time.

Those of you who know me know that i totally loved descending all that too ..... :)

Thanks Santa Rosa Cycling Club!

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