Sunday, April 22, 2007


Ok... so hold up and wait just a minute.... The Ronde Van Gelderland race report will have to wait.
The big news at the moment (in my world anyway) is that I am in Italy~!!!
I`m absolutely speechless... this place is beautiful.

Proof.... this is a view towards the house we are staying at.

All smiles....this is me out on a ride, taking in the scenery of Lucca.

Bmx'in... this was my "ride" for the day. Our bikes hadn't arrived yet, so I jumped on this baby and had a blast exploring my surroundings.... I wish all post-race recovery rides could be this cool.



evitajuanita said...

hey b-love....awesome you're in europe! I was wondering where you were. Congrats on your 24th place finish. Looking foward to another race report. Good luck and enjoy!

bikerboy said...

Hey Brenda,
Can you see why I like Italy so much and why I have spent 3 years living there.
Seems really strange that you are across the pond, on the side I normally am and I am on the side that you normally are. I have bumped into so many people over the last few days who know you.
Enjoy europe and I will see you in about 10 days time when me ross and cammy are gonna be in San Marino cheering you on.
Go easy on the vino and keep riding strongly,