Friday, May 25, 2007

My Dad would say.. "It's payback time."

I'm in Raleigh, N.C.
Yesterday, the day before the twilight criterium.... I`m minding my own business, driving along looking for the rental car return location. I have my kit on, my bike in the back, and things are going smoothly. My cellphone rings.... I don`t recognize the number, but its local to Santa Rosa, so I pick up.
Here`s where it all begins:

"Hello, Ms. Lyons?" ...

Me- "Yes?"

"Hi, this is Ms. so and so Sather. I am the Assistant Principal at Rincon Valley Middle School. I am in the office with Myles right now and I have you on speaker phone. Myles would you like to explain to your mother what happened today in science class."

Myles goes on to tell me that he was messing around with an iBook computer at school, and for no apparent reason, decided to stick a piece of lead into a side opening. The lead got stuck and broke, and now the computer doesn`t work.
The assistant principal proceeds to tell me that this is considered vandalism. Myles will be suspended from school for three days, and will he will (which essentially means I will) have to pay for any and all repairs needed to the computer.

Lovely. Taking a deep breath.....

Me-- "Thank you for the call, Ms. Sather."
"Myles will you please call me from your cell phone in fifteen minutes, as soon as the bell rings and you are out of school."

I will not tell you what happened when he called, but I will tell you that it wasn't pretty. no it wasn't.
I am posting this picture just to remind myself how much I love my son... even though I want to kick hiss ass into tomorrow....ahem.

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