Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back in the mix....

Getting started. On the line in Raleigh (with my friend and former teammate, Rachel Heal).

Just finished the Memorial Day weekend NRC criterium circuit. First was Raleigh, then came Baltimore, and lastly Somerville.
It`s good to be back in the thick of it on the NRC circuit, but the racing is just SO different from Europe that I feel a bit like a fish out of water. Lipton was in Europe while the rest of the teams were duking it out at the Southeast Criterium series, and most of the teams/racers seem to be pretty dialed in with their criterium plans. It seems to be taking me more than a minute to adjust back to the U.S. racing. Crazy how easy it is to lose a little bit of the explosive edge, as well as a little bit of patience when you haven`t been doing criteriums in awhile. I have been feeling really good lately though (thanks to all the racing in Italy), so every race I have tried to get going off the front... but for some reason nobody has worked with me... as a matter of fact, it appears that (at least up to this point) most teams have been quite content to attack simply to soften the field, or cover moves and shut them down... then play it all out for a field sprint. We`ll see what happens when Ina shows up....... :)

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