Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coming back around...

Having swollen legs seemed to be a relatively normal "side effect" of travel, but little did I know what would come my way upon returning home.
I knew that my sleep patterns would be off, but nobody ever told me I could very well have bouts of nausea on and off for a whole week after flying back! It has been a very strange nine days, but I think I`m coming back around now. I actually felt sort of back to normal by Monday....just in time to make a day trek up to Tahoe and back the very next day. It was an eighteen-hour day all in all, but well worth the travel. It`s really beautiful up there.... too bad I had to go there and back in a day.
The distance didn't seem to be the issue though, because I think I got the European driving bug -- 90mph seemed like it should be the pace... I'm going to have to curb myself of driving that speed!
Below is a picture of me after a full day of work in Tahoe. I was up there doing my very first modeling shoot (I know I know... but really I`m serious!). That was a LONG day at the office! And let me tell you, I now have a whole new appreciation for the modeling profession! That stuff is not as easy at looks! It`s a whole different type of skill to look relaxed and ease, while pretending to look like you're fishing!! -- or how about running back and forth for an hour until they capture just the "right look" calves hurt from that one! ;-) -- all the while, wearing clothes that are pinned and clipped to look better fitted and wearing shoes that feel like small boats (yea... you try running and looking normal in all that!)
Ohh... I have to laugh...It was reallly fun. And the people on the crew for the shoot were so nice.... they made me feel about as comfortable as possible with the whole experience.
You can check out the company that I was doing the shoot for at
but don`t expect to see me in the catalog til Fall 2007 :) --

Anyway... it was day filled with new challenges, beautiful surroundings, good times and great people... my favorite things.

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