Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Can you say 50kph

Racing in Italy is certainly a new experience.
These women mean business in a whole different way.
The last two courses that we raced on were incredibly fast and quite technical. Most of the racers make me look like a mild mannered little lady in the field ;-) --- crazy, hey.
Oh and the big word here is "Occhio!" --which means "watch out" in Italian. It`s amusing to hear it over and over and over again.... all day long. Pretty much...they are either yelling at you or rammimg their bike and body right on up into your space, even when there is no space. No joke. It`s normal.
And today was a treat. I got to witness a full on "on the bike" fist fight... Italian style. That was funny. Really funny. I actually started laughing. I thought they might go down... but then all these other girls started yelling at them... I imagine they were telling them to stop... but the whole thing was quite comical. All at about 45kph...good stuff.

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