Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An interesting tale.

In the last two days I have seen my share of a different side of Vegas than most of us see during Interbike. I have seen plenty of hookers and thugs, thugs getting busted by cops, hookers looking for the trick, cops pulling over people with movie cameras to document the moment(!), lots and lots of cops and sirens in action actually, casinos, tourists, normal people, some not so normal people, Starbucks everywhere, Whole Foods to save my gluten free life (and to save my gut from any major drama like recently), running for shade by the middle of the day because it's so darn hot, but then freezing my arse off indoors because everyone keeps the A/C on so high indoors.....then add to that about ten very different, very unique visits with Las Vegas area bike shops and two visits to two "new to me" 24 hr fitness centers and there you have it. A work trip to Vegas. Big girl style....all by herself. I didn't even get lost that much!
Crossing my fingers I will actually get to ride my bike here before i leave off to bed I go. it's an EARLY start....but something tells me there are some nice places to ride outside of town, and I need to learn about them because I will be back here in December (and then again about every 6-8 weeks), and it would be nice to be familiar with and enjoy the outdoors and not just do gym time!

It'll be a miracle if I make that early of a start considering how long my days have been, but it sure would be a great way to end the trip!

One thing I know for sure....I will be more than ready for the weekend come friday! And I couldn't be happier that the time change if finally coming!!!!!!!!!!!

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stageracer said...

The rding out near Red Rocks for both road and MTB are great....