Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is one of those days....

...where i have gained a little perspective.

it took having a heart to heart conversation with someone very special, and all i can say is that i am forever grateful that there are some pretty amazing and wonderful people in my life to help me by simply listening and then giving me such valuable feedback! the subject is not exactly's more or less a reminder to believe in, support, and value the people in our lives that sometimes we take for granted!

making that comment is probably a little more personal than a typical brenda blog post...but hey, i don't have any concerns about sharing my feelings when compelled to do so. there you have it. other news, last night i had a tough evening of major tummy cramps (miss super sensitive ate something that didn't go over so well!). essentially i didn't sleep a wink and ended up missing an event that i had planned on attending with one of my bike shop dealers. i feel horrible about missing something i committed to, but at some point...i had to choose between a little rest for the wicked, or run out on another terror mission and risk crashing and burning in the very near future, especially considering that my life has been rolling along at the speed of light lately!

so as i lay there at 5am this morning, the smart side of me's time to rest and heal, and hope that the bike shop dealer will understand. something tells me this was all meant to be, but trust me....i did not like to fail on a commitment, nor did i like to be buckled over with stomach cramps for half the night....just to learn a lesson! it's been a way more than busy time for me with work and the point where i work very hard to add in all the other normal elements of life, like spending time at "home", getting to exercise, see and talk with friends and loved ones etc etc etc...

fortunately, i am pretty in tune with myself, and can usually see that brick wall from a distance away...thus thankfully, i have usually been able make sure i don't go slamming into it!!

so...i'm going to sit back...take in a little sunshine, spend some time on two wheels, spend some time with special peeps and then get back on a roll come Monday.

the word of the weekend: Rejuvenation.


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