Tuesday, October 21, 2008

okay...maybe I am bragging a little....but c'mon we are talking about a teenager here!

I just can't help it, my son continues to blow my mind.

Our most recent conversation consisted of him telling me how excited he was to go on a field trip to The main PG&E Facility in San Francisco, where he and his classmates were going to learn about the PG&E plant, and what they are doing to become more environmentally active. Myles, went on to tell me (once again) that he wants to make a life and a career in the realm of environmental sustainable living....wow is this really my baby saying all of this unprompted to his mama?!(maybe we will build a straw bale house together someday!)

...and in nearly the same five minutes, he starts to ask me serious nutrition questions, and actually asked my advice in the area of how to best replenish his body after hard workouts because he wants to do it right, and be as fit as he can possibly be. And get this....he called me an expert in the area, and someone he really trusts that can help him become the best athlete he can be.

awwwww... super big sigh and pitter patter goes the heart.

We won't talk about how "he forgot" to call me, and how I waited til I was practically sound asleep to hear from him!!....because at this point, none of that matters. I'm just thrilled with the topics of conversation we are having lately.

Thank you to the universe.

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