Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Amazing Sunset.....

This is basically the view I had when I left my last shop for the day yesterday. I definitely realize how spoiled I am to be living right here along such a gorgeous coastline.....but wow, I wonder how is it possible that I hardly ever take the time to stop and "watch" the sunset!

That will change.

The only reason I actually saw the sunset was because I knew the highway would be in "go-home gridlock" so I opted to drive along PCH. I will be doing that more often, you can bet on it! And next time, I am stopping along the coast to watch the sun dip into the water.... (if I wasn't already late for dinner, I would have!)

It was absolutely amazing and made me feel suddenly, very peaceful.

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Phil T said...

I know exactly how you feel. I always make time to look at my surroundings. I LOVE sunset time. I try to go fishing in the evening so I can have the long shadows of the sun & the sunset.{and the fish bite better}. I took my son's, girlfriends, daughter,she is 11, to walk the dog on Monday and we stopped at the top of the hill and sat on the fence to watch the sunset. I told her to be sure to always look around & make time for nature because it can not be duplicated!
Upstate N.Y.